These are our Halloween decorations. Yes, you’re seeing it correctly: it’s just the two things, a witch and a lighted pumpkin. When, oh when, did our family’s holiday decorating abilities deteriorate all the way down to a level of indifference? I have no idea. I feel like a complete Scrooge when it comes to holiday decorating. To me, it’s just one more thing to add to our to-do list, and one more thing to clean up when the holiday is over. Besides, I don’t like clutter. We generate enough of that without holidays! Truthiness be told, we are just so dang busy that by the time I remember there’s a holiday coming up, it’s the day before said holiday*.

I don’t even think we went overboard with decorating when the kids were little. We had some of those clingy decorations that stick to windows, and I always hung the cute things they created at school, and at Halloween the boys always carved pumpkins with Jim. But the last few years? Ugh. Nobody wants to bother. I hope that someday my kids will marry women who can look beyond what will obviously be a deficit in “holiday decoratia” (I just made that word up! If Steven Colbert can do it, can’t I?) and see the other fabulous traits they possess.

But I’ve gotta go. Halloween is tomorrow and I’ve got to get some candy!

*Except for Hanukkah. Once I started collecting menorahs, it got out of hand and we felt guilty not displaying them each year. I should get decorating points for that…right???