Here’s some drama for you:
Today I start the final year where my age begins with a “T”. Ever.

Actually, I don’t really think Birthdays Bite, but these two little pictures are my favorites out of a bunch of posters that Julie made to hang all around my house when she and Jim threw my surprise 30th birthday party (so long ago…).

Some childhood b-day memories that stand out?

*When I was four or five, a party guest barfed up her pigs-in-a-blanket. She left the party shortly thereafter.

*Growing up, I had a Holly Hobbie party, a Little Lulu party, a Miss Piggy party, a telephone party, a “jeans” party…Mom was always FABULOUS with the party themes. (That’s where I get it from!)

*Turning 13 and in 8th grade, I had a MAJOR crush. My friend made sure that my crush, along with his dad, “just happenned” to want to bowl at the same bowling alley where I was having my birthday party. In the next lane over. While my mom snapped photos.

Some adult b-day memories that stand out?

*The aforementioned surprise birthday party for my 30th that Jim and Julie managed to pull off (because once I get wind of something, I usually use my mad P.I. skills to sniff it all out) IN MY OWN HOUSE. The decoy? My friend Kate, who flew up from Tennessee for the weekend (unexpected by me), making me think that SHE was the biggest surprise of the weekend. When she and I arrived back at my house, the party was only the second surprise. The third? The 8th grade crush had flown up from Tennessee with his wife for the party, along with the first boy I kissed, and also the boy who was like a brother to me in high school. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I had been keeping in touch with the Crush over all that time because our families knew each other, and he was really good friends with the second guy. The third guy I had lost touch with, but Julie located him. What a shocker!

*Last year, when Jim sent Julie and I to NYC as a joint b-day gift. We had the time of our lives!

I don’t know if I should be happy or not that I turn 40 one year from today. I guess I’m a little indifferent about it. What I do know is that right now I can say I am very happy! I have a happy and healthy family, I am seeing some success with my writing, and my life is full of people who I really enjoy being around: that says alot! So Happy Birthday To Me! LOL