Obviously I love getting comments on the blog…it’s validation that there are one or two people out there who are reading my stuff! But today…well, today I need assistance!

I am beginning to assemble a holiday music playlist for my group cycling class, and the first song that I thought would be nostalgic to spin to is this one:

Yowza! Great memories with that gathering of artists, as I’m an ’80’s gal. But–the horror!–although I have it on vinyl, I can’t find this original version anywhere online, meaning I can’t download it! I know there are two more recent versions (one of which I will probably use if I am unsuccessful in my plea here), but I really, really want this version. Any ideas for me?

Another song I intend to use is “Last Christmas” by Wham!

I am looking for more song suggestions. I have to be clear on two things:
1. I don’t want only songs that focus on Christmas. Winter is fine. Whatever. Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah song is, I think, explicit and I can’t use songs with explicit lyrics.
2. The type of music I prefer is dance or electronica (slow and fast, whatever! I can sprint or climb to it depending on the tempo!). I welcome any suggestions of holiday songs in this style, either originals or re-mixes.

If you can help me, yay for both of us! I would really appreciate it. If you have ideas, please leave a comment with the complete name of the song and the artist, and if I need to know anything else (like if it’s DJ Skeezoid’s December Crazee Winter Mix or something). Thanks!