Now that the holidays are over, it’s time for me to get back to business on a few things, one of them being writing (yay!), and I’m not just talking about bloggin’! The three magazine articles which I’ve already gotten assignments for are calling me, and (I’m putting it out in the universe not as a resolution but as a commitment) I plan to send off several queries to some new magazines by this Monday.

The other piece of “business” I need to get back to is promoting my book, Remembering Ruby: For Families Living Beyond the Loss of a Pet. Many of you knew me from my other blog first, but I think some of you might not know about it, so I’m plugging it on this blog (finally!) and asking for some help.

The book is, as you will hopefully guess from the title, about losing a family pet. You can check out my other blog for lots of information about it, including parts of the publishing process, essays about the real Ruby (our late beagle Bijoux), and some of the “ink” I’ve gotten. In fact, I just posted a brand new article today from the newspaper in Tennessee where I went to school.

Some interesting things about the book:

1. The story, though naturally sad in parts because of the subject, ends on an uplifting note because the overall theme is coping and moving on with life as a family after a loss.

2. I used real photos (in black and white) from our family rather than an illustrator. There were several reasons for this strategy, and I’ve been pleased with the feedback: I’ve been told that the photos make the story more “real” and “relatable”.

3. The book is mostly made up of the story itself, but contains (at the back) a short parent guide on helping kids cope with loss. I do not get into any psychological advice because I am not a doctor, but I offer some suggestions on family activities and such. Our long-time veterinarian had some input into this part of the book.

4. The book is mainly geared towards ages 4-10, but it is truly a story for all ages.

5. My sister, Julie/Jules, designed the gorgeous cover and the interior as well. (In fact, if you hold the book open wide right next to your ear, you may be able to hear the sobbing we did while trying to get through the arduous publishing process.)

6. The book is only available online and not in stores. The most popular places to find it would be and

Here’s where I ask for help. As I am not with a major publishing house and I am definitely not an author as anticipated as, say J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, or Ernest Hemingway (may he rest in peace), I have to promote this book on my own.

If you would be so kind as to do any assortment of the following things I would be such a happy blogger:

1. Obviously Number One would have to be: BUY MY BOOK. Did I have to say that???

2. Please pass the word on to anyone you feel comfortable in doing so, in any way that you feel comfortable doing it: on your blog, via e-mail, via telephone, via conversation at the playground or at the office, etc. (Please refer people to my OTHER blog, the one about the book, silly!)

3. If you do buy my book through Amazon, PLEASE leave a review. (Only if you like it, though! LOL) My most recent review came from Rob, and it is quite a masterpiece. You don’t have to be eloquent or anything like that; if you liked the book, it’d be great if you just said that!

4. Keep my book in the back of your head, in the corner of your brain. Unfortunately, pet loss is a huge part of life today, as so many people have brought those furry (and sometimes feathery, scaley, or whatever) friends into their homes. The book makes a great gift.

If you need any more information, e-mail me! It’s easy: just click the link that says “E-mail Me!” over there on the right.

Thanks for your time and attention!