In the next couple of days I will post about why foreigners make me giddy. (Not in the same way they make my sister giddy, though! Stay tuned!)

In the meantime, I have to share with you the exciting surprise I received in the mail–yes, from a foreigner–over the weekend.

I checked the mailbox on Saturday and was delighted to see a puffy envelope shoved in there within an inch of its life. I pulled it out and saw the little blue international Air Mail sticker and felt my heartbeat speed up.

“Yay,” I exclaimed to nobody but myself, “I got a package from the U.K.!” There was no return address on the front. It was mysterious, because there are a couple of people who could have sent me a package (I’ll fill you in on them during that “foreigners make me giddy” post!) from there. When I finally decided to stop analyzing it and go ahead and open the envelope, I turned it over and saw the return address written ever so faintly on the back, near the flap. It was from Rob and Louise and their girls, a delightful family I met through Kate on our trip to Europe in 2006. I hadn’t heard from them in more than a year, so this was super-exciting.

Here’s what was in the envelope:

They sent me two gorgeous, embroidered kitchen towels, a card (with update letter: Yay!), and three huge packs of Kit Kat bars. I literally jumped for joy and laughed my head off when I pulled them out.

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Big deal…Kit Kats”, right? Well, Mr. or Mrs. Blog Reader… I will tell you that it is a HUGE deal to get U.K. Kit Kats over here, because they are made differently and taste so much better. This was a big “joke” during our trip to see Rob and Louise in Liverpool and, rather than explain it all here, I am giving you the link to my photo album of the Kit Kat Taste Test that I did with my family upon my return. The photo captions will explain it all for you.

Here’s the link: (By the way, when you click it you may think you have to sign in, but you don’t. Click the yellow bar that says “View Slideshow” and you’re on your way!)

Kit Kat Taste Test

If you live in an area that has a Meijer grocery store, you CAN get the U.K. Kit Kats there, in the British section. Though they cost about $1.50 each, I think you’ll find they’re worth it! Want to learn more? Click here to get more information about Kit Kats than you’ll ever need in a lifetime.