I wanted to spend a short post to promote one of my family’s favorite new(er) shows. It’s called “Life”, and it’s on NBC. The first season just finished a couple of weeks ago, but it looks like the network is running it again, from the beginning, starting January 19 at 9 p.m. (I think that’s Eastern time)

We LOVE this show. The lead character, Charlie Crews, is a cop who was convicted of a double murder that he didn’t commit and put in prison for 12 years. The show picks up upon his release from prison, after he gets a HUGE settlement and an apology for being the wrong guy. He goes back to the police force and, along with his partner, solves a murder during each episode while at the same time running a behind-the-scenes investigation to try to uncover who set him up. We love Charlie’s wit and the chemistry (not romantic) that he has with Dani Reese, his recovering-addict partner.

Here is the first promo. Although it doesn’t summarize the show, it does give you a flavor of Charlie’s zen-like qualities.

Here is another one:

We absolutely stop everything for this show. In fact, we found out that, over Thanksgiving week, one of our relatives cancelled the DVR recording of the episode of “Life” so the channel wouldn’t automatically change, and we were all up in arms about it, because each episode is chained to the next. Arrggghhh!

During the last episode of the season, we cheered several times. CHEERED!

If you can, catch it when they replay it on Saturday the 19th. If you can’t, you can also apparently view full episodes at nbc.com, but I’m not sure how fun that would be, because each episode is an hour. Let me know what you think! (Have you already seen it? Let me know that, too!)