…of another award! Yippee for me!

Melissa at Such Simple Pleasures was kind enough to bestow this lovely award on me and/or my blog. I don’t exactly know what the meaning is behind the award or what; there is no story that I am aware of but I am happy to accept it just the same.

Now I guess I need to pass this along, don’t I? I don’t know what the criteria would be so I will customize it for each person.

First, obviously I will award it to my sister Julie/Julie/Aunt Doody/Joozie from House of Jules, because not only does she have the blog to beat all blogs but she got me started on this stupid obsession in the first place.

Then, I must award it to my German evil twin sister (or am I the evil twin? Let’s take turns!), Kat from My Two Cents. I can’t say enough about Kat, except that she and her hubs better be planning a jam-packed day of sight-seeing for my family in the summer of 2010.

After that, I have to award it to my honorary sister, Melissa at Hope for the Hopeless. Julie and I have welcomed her into our family with virtual open arms, and she deserves it just for being crazy enough to agree to that. (ha!)

And, let’s see, how could I forget the Wonder from Down Under, Katie of Made in Melbourne. The poor thing just got her first gray hair and she needs to know that she’s still special. LOL If I had another much younger sister (way younger) who just happened to live in Oz, I’d want her to be you.

So, post the award with pride, sisters! Pass on the love!