So, I was aimlessly driving around in the downtown area of my particular Chicago suburb last night with a trunkload of books, and I was shouting out the car window, “Books for sale! Books for sale!” And then suddenly, I heard some shrieking. I thought I heard my name being called but wasn’t too sure, because it sounded like “Melissa” with two s’s and not just one, but I listened closer…

She called louder: “Hey! Melisa! With one s! I want a book!”

Well, of course that got my attention and I turned toward the screaming and, after looking around and around I finally found the source, hanging out the 2nd-story window of our local salon and spa in -20 degree weather (with wet hair), dangling a wine glass and waving her other arm madly. Squinting my eyes to try to figure out just who this raving lunatic was, I was so excited to discover that it was a very, very famous celebrity…*

…around HERE, in the blogosphere! That’s right! It was Manic Mommy!

*The details of our “coincidental” meeting were exaggerrated to make the story more entertaining. The account is, actually, complete fiction. Well, except for the salon and spa. And the wine. And she was obviously really there. And I really did bring her a book, because her neighbor’s dog recently passed away. And although she is not a “dog person”, she IS a people person and cares about her neighbor very much.

I adore Manic Mommy’s blog and read it daily, even though she hardly visits me here. Manic actually lives in the next suburb over, and although I know exactly which house she resides in, we laugh (or maybe it’s just me laughing) that she still doesn’t know exactly where I live.

We had a great meeting of the minds on our first Blind Blogger Date (can there be more than one Blind Blogger Date?) and I documented it on my other blog, here. She is a fun gal and while I visited with her at the salon for about a half an hour last night, we talked about all kinds of important issues such as global warming and the economy and….Ugh, no we didn’t! It was way more interesting than that!

After I took the photo (which she approved for posting: she wants you all to see that she is a gorgeous babe even with a head full of foil), we said our goodbyes and I made a very important decision:

Manic: when we meet for that lunch that we spoke of (In February), I am going to tell you what subdivision I live in! xoxo