Here’s what was happening last night at Target, where Jim and I went on a post-dinner date shopping trip:

As Jim was on his phone with the fifteen-year-old, trying to determine what the heck size workout shorts he needs now (that dang kid just keeps growing!), I was browsing across the aisle and I heard the screams of two children coming closer and closer. They were in one of those huge carts that are so great for taking kids shopping: the ones where the kids sit upright outside of and behind the actual cart. This cart was flying down the aisles, and the kids were shrieking, partially from fear and partially from excitement. They were flying through the store, courtesy of their father.

As they rounded the corner and came closer to where I was, they slammed to a stop in the shoe department, where a woman (the mom) was shushing them. Through gritted teeth, she hissed, “If you don’t stop it right now, I’m sending you to the car!”

I realized moments later that she wasn’t talking to her children. As the dad turned them around and jogged away from the shoe department, he exclaimed to his young kids, “Who had margaritas with dinner???!!! Was it youuuuuu?”*

*I don’t believe the dad was terribly wasted, just a bit giddy. Let’s hope that Mommy was driving them all home, shall we??