I was just reading up on the important local, national, and international news of the day at tmz when I read the MOST exciting thing: The B-52s are back! They will release their first studio album in 16 years this March, and the first single, “Funplex”, is already available at iTunes! Can I get a What-What??

I’ve been listening to them since high school and in fact–how timely is this?–for my birthday this past November, Kate sent me her two VINYL B-52s albums that she had in high school!

If you’re not a child of the ’80s or are just not familiar with the B52s, read up on them here.

Here is some early, early footage of the band doing “Whammy Kiss”:

I saw them live in 1990 on the Cosmic Thing tour, and it was the craziest, most fun show I’ve ever seen. The crowd was NUTS, and it was like a big dance club, especially when they played “Rock Lobster”:

Of course, probably the song they are most famous for is “Love Shack” (Look for a cameo by RuPaul):

I love the free spirit of the band; their songs are so much fun. I can’t wait to hear the new CD!