Yes, yes, peeps…I’m still totally in love with my husband but I fell in love–again–at the bookstore today. I was casually walking around when my eye-lasers closed in on this little golden nugget:

Ponder that title for a minute. Is that not one of the BEST ding-dang book titles you’ve ever seen? It’s short, sweet, and to the point. And I can tell you from seeing this book in person that it is INDEED a Big Ass Book of Crafts.

My attraction to this book, outside of the great title, has roots in my past. Those of you who read the blog regularly know that I am a pretty creative person who comes from a pretty creative family. You may remember that I worked at Leewards Craft Stores for 6 years. You may not know that, even as Jim and I struggled to make ends meet when we were first married and pre-children, I spent much of my paycheck on craft supplies and we even had a room in the house especially for crafting. (Now that I’m old I think to myself, “What a waste of space and money!”)

Ironically, the one tool that I got back then and still have today is something I didn’t even buy for myself. Any guesses? It’s my glue gun! I received it as a Secret Santa gift (yes Virginia, some Jews participate in those Christmas gift exchanges!) during my tenure at the craft store. It cost my co-worker Jessie $17, and that freakin thing from 1987 still works today as if it were brand-new. It is the one “craft supply” that has seen me through thick and thin, through every stinkin’ project for which I’ve needed adhesion. Can you believe it?? Who would have thought a glue gun could last that long?

But I digress. Enough about my favorite little glue gun. As the years went by, I turned my crafting efforts away from homemade gifts and craft shows and towards making really cool stuff for our boys’ birthday parties. When I got into scrapbooking I only did “regular” crafts if I needed something and not so much just to pass the time.

I moved from scrapbooking to making custom invitations, and then I started using my time to work and write and take care of the family and so on and so on.

When I saw this book I got so excited! Flipping through it, I noticed that some of the crafts look a little retro and I thought that was such a cool thing. The idea of having the time to just sit and craft (even without a dedicated room!) sounded so good inside my head. I love being able to just let the creativity flow. Unfortunately, at this moment in my life if I want to do all the things I currently do AND work on the two books I have in the pipeline, casual crafting with no purpose can’t really be in my current agenda.

So, I put the book back down without buying it. Don’t worry though…I’ll get around to it; as soon as I cross some things off my Master To-Do List!