Two weeks ago I was sidelined by a wee little case of tendonitis. The podiatrist gave me a whole laundry list of things to do and not to do, and I have been pretty good at following his advice.

If I had to grade myself, I would say, uh, an A-. Okay, maybe a B+. But for me, Miss Control Freak, that’s pretty good. The thing that has sucked the most has been, as I suspected it would, not walking the dog and having to curtail how I teach my group cycling classes. All was not lost though; I found a new BFF for this temporary period of time:

That’s right, “she” was in the basement the whole time. I bought this for Jim about a year ago, but it was one of those gifts that was really for both of us. (I really appreciated the gift. Thanks, Me!) I actually love to box, but I don’t do it as often as someone who has the tools in her own home should do it…until now! I’ve enjoyed the increase in upper body workouts. BUT, today was the day where I had to go back to the doctor and hope to hear some good news.

I arrived for my 1:45 appointment at 1:42 and was back in my car at 1:51. In that time I went in, paid for my portion of the appointment that my insurance company makes me pay, entered the exam room, took off my shoes and socks, saw the doctor for about 90 seconds (oh alright, MAYBE 2 minutes), went back to the receptionist and made my next appointment for four weeks from today. Amazing, right? I hate that. Now, you KNOW they are not going to reduce my visit fee because I was only in there long enough to tell a joke or two. ACK, that drives me nuts. Anyway, on to the update.

He says that since today I’m not having pain (when he was pressing) on the two areas of my foot like I was two weeks ago, I am improving and although obviously I have to continue to always wear my orthotics and do those soaks and take advil and wear my ankle brace, I can start adding back activities that I did, pre-injury, for 15 minutes at a time. If it hurts while I’m doing *insert activity here* or if my foot is sore afterwards, then I have to cut back again. If not, then after three days of 15 minutes, I can increase it a little more. Baby steps. He warned me that I still have four weeks left in my “official recovery time” and to really take it easy. We’ll see how it goes on my next checkup. I wonder if that appointment will be even shorter.

So, good news Roxie! Tomorrow we’re taking a quick walk! Woo hoo!