There have been many chuckles (and even guffaws) over my tiara-talk over the past couple of months, and I thought it’d be fun to give a little background on my sparkly-headpiece “her-story”. I am not a poser, you see. My wearing a tiara now and then isn’t a brand-new thing. Just like–for example–Tiger Woods, who picked up his first golf club before he ever started school, or even Debbie Gibson–who was composing songs at a very early age (Did I really just make a Debbie Gibson reference? Bear with me…I’m on a roll!*), I was born to wear the tiara.

Your honor, here is the evidence:

One of my first “official” portraits. As you can see, I had yet to grow into the Tiara. Mom always told me that my hair was thin and not so plentiful in those days, so she had to tape my tiaras to my head.

One of my favorites. A cute little brown bow that matched the outfit was supposed to go on my head, but that seemed a bit blase’. The tiara was so…NOW. I mean, it was happening, Baby!

Grandpa’s little Princess! I never visit an amusement park without my tiara. These days, I can be seen in the summertime, riding the Viper at Six Flags Great America, both hands on my head, holding my tiara on tightly!

I think Heidi Klum has this outfit too. (Probably in this size.) It’s Fierce, don’t you think?

Even doing menial, everyday chores like cooking for the family is made more exciting by dressing up a little bit.

I could be wrong, but I think this whole Tiara thing was my Grandma’s idea.

What do you mean you like my Halloween costume? I haven’t put it on yet!!

This may have been the day when I learned that you have to securely fasten a tiara if you lead an active life. Or maybe not.

Being in the comfort of my own “way cool Bedroom of 1980” doesn’t mean dressing down is acceptable…but the Tiara makes any old jeans look fancy.

Super-stylin’ in 1982. What a beautiful girl. Great hair, even with the faddish ribbon barrettes. Skin? Flawless. Teeth? Freshly liberated from that horrible metal hardware. Makeup? Simple and understated, yet classic. Wait…what was I talking about? Oh yeah, tiaras.

They got me a special “tiara” for my 20th birthday, but I was used to my other one, so I wore both! I have the sass to carry that off, for sure.

“Camping, with tiaras?” Really, the question should be “Why camp without them?” Seriously, in 2004 Dawn (my 2 a.m. ballet dancing partner) and I wore these for the majority of a three-day camping trip: partly for fashion, and partly in protest of the camping trip. (I speak only for myself)

If you’ll recall, I even wore my “dressy” tiara when giving blood in the company of Manic Mommy! I mean, don’t you think that saving THREE lives with my blood is special enough to warrant the headpiece?

So as you can see, the Tiara is a big part of my life. If you have been Tiara-less, I highly recommend you get one, whether it’s from Claire’s or from Tiffany & Co. But be forewarned: you’ve gotta have a certain attitude to wear one! (I think I may be starting a Tiara Revolution! LOL)

On that note, I wanted to present a couple of specific people with an award I created: The “Tiara-wearing Blogger” award! These ladies are “royalty” to me and I know that they definitely have the tiara-wearing attitude. The awards go to: Manic Mommy, Kat of My Two Cents, and Melissa of Hope For the Hopeless! Grab this award, put it on your blog (if you want), strut your stuff, and pass it on to the special tiara-wearing girls in your bloggie life!

And if any of the rest of you reading this feel like your attitude is totally tiara-worthy (I know there are bunches of others out there…), feel free to grab this also, as long as you pass it on!

*P.S. Debbie Gibson: I really love you. Big fan here!