I became familiar with Crunch Fitness back in the mid-90s. Crunch Fitness is a health club chain that prides itself on innovative classes, sassy attitude (they need a tiara!), and their acceptance of everybody: man, woman, thin, heavy, straight, gay, whatever. Being in the industry, I have seen firsthand how motivating the right environment is and I was always fascinated with Crunch but sad that I couldn’t go there, because they are only in the city.

Anyhoo, I did the next best thing back in the day: in the late 90’s, Crunch Fitness had a 30-minute workout show on tv, and I did it several times a week. They changed it up all the time and it was very, very fun. Then the show went off the air. Wah. But it wasn’t really that much of a big deal at that time because I worked in the health club nursery and I took classes all the time. The need for working out at home (or frankly, the desire) wasn’t there. Then my kids started growing, I changed jobs and started teaching group fitness as well, and my priorities started to change.

I have, over the past year or two, finally seen the value in not driving to the gym every time I want to work out (when I’m not teaching). Although I’m a social creature, I’m also a busy creature. By driving to the gym and back just to exercise (and not work) I make a one hour workout into a 2 to 2-1/2 hour time commitment, which is normally time I cannot afford to spend. Rather, I don’t WANT to spend all that time. I started looking for alternatives.

A couple of years ago, I purchased this:

I like it alot and it took me back to my happy days of exercising with the Crunch tv show, but I wanted something with more cardio. I figured I’d find something that intrigued me, eventually.

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping in the sporting goods section at my local Target when my eyes fell upon something new:

I know, right? How fun would that be??? So I bought it.

I tried it yesterday morning for the first time and I really, really liked it. It was pleasantly low-impact for most of the workout, but believe me, I worked. I was, while doing this dance workout, using muscles that are apparently neglected because I apparently didn’t realize they were there.

And I’m sore today.

(Cue the angels: Halleluyah! I love to be a little sore after working out!)

I was finding a (hopefully) temporary problem, though. While I was doing the workout I was trying to visualize myself moving like this:

But in reality, I ended up feeling like I was really moving like THIS:

Maybe I will magically transform my moves after a couple more sessions. I’ll let you know.