In my massive Blog Overhaul, I re-updated my list of favorite blogs. I chuckle to myself when I look at it because it’s growing almost as fast as my sons are. Almost.

Today I am excited to add my friend Deanna’s blog. Deanna cycles in my classes on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday nights when she’s not having a knee injury or sick children to deal with, and in fact, I’ve known her parents for years from the health club I’ve been at since 1995. I wrote about her parents several weeks ago; click here. Deanna could totally pull off wearing a tiara in public.

Anyway, Deanna’s blog is called Carrots Should Taste Like Cheetos. Is that one of the best blog names you’ve heard, or what???

Deanna is a Newbie Blogger. I mean, she is HOT off the presses. That is, she just “opened for business” yesterday. I thought I would put a call out to all of my peeps and ask you to go stop by and say hello.

And my call-out has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that, unsolicited and unpaid for by me, she called me a kicka** instructor in today’s blogpost. (hee hee)

Tell her Melisa sent’cha!