We are off for a little Spring Break mini-getaway! I’ll miss Bloggerville lots, but I will only be gone from today around 11 a.m. until Tuesday night, so I’m sure I will survive…I hope!

But where are we going?
Are we going here?

Nope. (I WISH!)
Are we going here?

Nuh-uh. How about here?


I thought I’d give you all something to do while I’m gone. So, if you’re game, try to figure out where I’ll be! (If you already know our destination, then it wouldn’t really be fair to “play”, so just leave a comment encouraging others! Go team!)


1. There are three words in the name of our destination. Once you figure them out (below), they will need to be reordered to get the answer.

2. One of the words is what a teacher uses to make sure her students answered their test questions correctly, and also part of the title of a famous (and awesome) 1980’s song by Bertie Higgins.

3. One of the words is part of the name of the coastal setting of (American) tv’s longest running mystery series.

4. You can get the third word by taking the “Y” off the end of the old American slang term for British people.

5. We will be sometimes wet, sometimes dry, a little lazy, and at times screaming “Wahoo!” like a Banshee.

6. This place has been in existence for less than 6 months.

7. We will be within one mile of the fourth largest mall in Illinois, according to Wikipedia.

8. Believe it or not, we are staying in the Chicagoland area.

Leave a comment with your guess, if you want to. I will assume that, if I get back and there are no guesses, that this was a stupid idea for a post. Someone, please, humor me, would you?