It’s going to be a Meme kind of day…I have a tag from Melissa that I will get to (hopefully) tonight. For now, I’m tackling the tag I got from my evil twin Kat. It’s a Meme about my better half and I…I’ll try to make it interesting for you.

How long have you been together? Well, if you count the time that he didn’t KNOW we were together (when I stalked him around the halls of our high school before we met: LOL), we’ve been together since around September of 1984. Officially though, we’ve been together since November-December 1984; married since December 1986

How long did you date? Let me see if I have my math brain on…2 years and 1 month

How old is he? Currently, he is 41. (almost 2 years older than me)

Who said ‘I love you’ first? Would it be awful if I couldn’t remember? I think it was him.

Who is taller? We’re the same height, except when I wear heels! (5’7″)

Who is smarter? I always say he is smarter, and he always says that I am. I have a head for business (and a bod for sin…LOL) and math-type stuff. He is the science and history brain in the family.

Who does the laundry? We both do! I like to fold it and iron more than he does, though.

Who does the dishes? We both do!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Depends on who you ask. I think I do. LOL

Who pays the bills? If this is actually asking “who takes care of paying the bills”, the answer would be me. If it is asking “who makes it possible to pay the bills”, that would be him.

Who mows the lawn? Mostly our kids! Yay us! But actually, I really like mowing the lawn alot (seriously!), so I will give the kids a break pretty often.

Who cooks dinner? We both do!

Who is more stubborn? I think me. Unfortunately.

Who kissed who first? He kissed me first. That I remember.

Who asked who out? He asked me out, after my subliminal hinting.

Who proposed? He did.

Who is more sensitive?
We take turns. Mostly me.

Boring, I know. I guess I have to tag some people. I know that Manic and Joeprah don’t like tags, so they’re out. My sister likes to keep her and Jeremy’s relationship on the D.L., so she’s out. I am going to tag Deanna, Sue, and Kathy. Have fun!