That my sister will be late.

We’re not exactly sure why she’s always late, just that she always is. There is “Normal” time, and there is “Julie” time. (and there’s Miller Time!)

Usually I find it sort of funny, except for when I’m really hungry. (which right now, I am not)

And she DOES have the ability to be on time when it absolutely counts, so it’s not all bad.

The kids have learned; now, when we say that Julie will be here at 2, they say, “So you mean 3?”

I am looking forward to this evening because we are having dinner and games with Julie. We are, all together, the Fab Five. We have awesome times together!

Originally, Julie invited us to the House of Jules, but she called earlier and asked if she could borrow our oven (a hilarious question in itself) because hers isn’t working. Being totally fine with that (why wouldn’t I be?), I said, “Sure, come on over! What’s the menu and what can I get to contribute?” (dessert and beverages)

Turns out, she is making us a GOURMET DINNER. I am so excited about it I can’t even express it in words. I will try to remember to take photos…

I had a laugh because, after she predictably called to say she was on her way (an hour late: LOL), I went to her blog and found her hilarious Twitter update. Click here, please.

Nope, we’re not surprised.