Yes, yes, so my sister arrived about two hours later than she said she would, but the dinner was worth the wait, I am happy to announce. (I guess that can be the fourth thing that is for sure: that any meal my sister prepares is absolutely fabulous)

The menu? Steak au Poivre, potato salad (not just any potato salad: this recipe was phenomenal.), and Roasted Broccoli with crispy Parmesan and Lemon. Is your mouth watering yet?

I didn’t take photos of the entire preparation process because, frankly, I wanted to just relax and enjoy myself. But when Julie told me that she had to flame up the steak with Brandy, I had to capture it on video.

Hold on to your hats as you watch this video, in which Iron Chef Jules brazenly sets our dinner on fire with a flame so big that our kitchen almost went up in smoke!

(Not really, but it was funny)

After flaming up the steak, she had to make the sauce.

Here’s the lovely potato salad.

And the broccoli. Yum!

The finished product in all its glory!

Seriously, my sister should have been a professional chef. If you ask her nicely, maybe she’ll post recipes.

After dinner we had a great little game of Monopoly going. We all chose our customary game pieces (we use the same ones EVERY TIME):

*The 15-year-old chose the sack of money, ’cause he likes money.
*The 13-year-old chose the cannon, and I’m not sure why.
*Jim chose the battleship, because he was in the Navy.
*Julie chose the racecar, because she’s hip and likes sporty cars (?? or something)
*I chose the dog, because I am ALWAYS the dog. And because I like dogs. But I told Julie last night that if SHE wanted to be the dog, I’d give it up only for her.

I found this funny page a minute ago, analyzing what kind of person you are according to which Monopoly piece you choose. I loved it! If you are a Monopoly player, you should definitely check that out.

After a rousing game, it was time to end our Fab Five evening!
Thanks for making dinner, Aunt Doody!