I was at a meeting at the temple last night and somebody brought a big ole’ bag of M&Ms. I poured some onto a little plate and was halfway through with them when I realized that I was eating them one color at a time. (Red last) That got me thinking about my M&M eating habits and I thought I’d throw some questions out there; I bet some of you out there have some secret quirks regarding M&Ms that you wouldn’t mind sharing!

1. Do you eat your M&Ms one at a time, a couple at a time, or by the handful?

2. Do you eat them according to a certain color first, or do you not care about color?

3. Do you suck on them, bite them in half before eating, or just chomp on them in a carefree manner?

4. Do you miss tan-colored M&Ms in the bag of assorted colors?

5. Did you think it was a travesty to replace the tan with the blue? Would you have preferred another color (I think purple was the other choice) or did you just want them to leave the tan in there?

For the record, I HATE that there are bright blue M&Ms. It doesn’t seem like all is right with the world with those in the bag. Also for the record, though I am fond of the Peanut Butter M&Ms and the Dark Chocolate M&Ms, I wasn’t crazy about the Crunchy ones.

What about you?