Here’s a good-natured conversation Jim and I had with the fifteen-year-old earlier this evening, after everyone arrived home from work and Lacrosse practice. I had, after work and dropping the kid off at practice, come home and cut the grass for the first time this year. (Yippee!) (No, seriously) By the way, I love cutting the grass sometimes; it’s like ironing: lots of thinking time.

Fifteen-year-old (FYO): Thanks for cutting the grass, Mom. That’s supposed to be my job.

Me: You’re welcome, but no thanks are necessary. I was happy to do it because I enjoy cutting the grass sometimes.

FYO: You’re a Freak!

Jim: I like to cut the grass sometimes, too.

FYO: Well, you’re a Freak too!

Me: Hmmm. If Dad’s a Freak and I’m a Freak, what does that make you? Oh yes, a Double-Freak!

FYO: Touche’.