I finally did it.

I did what I have been “threatening” to do for weeks now.

I wore my tiara while I was teaching my spin class last night. (Go Wednesday!)

I had been telling the class about how I am a tiara-wearing girl, and that I think it’s important to be a Princess now and then, and suddenly two weeks ago, Linda (or “Wednesday”, as I call her–click “Go Wednesday” above to read about it) brought me the most adorable pair of tiara spin socks:

I subbed two classes yesterday morning for my friend Diane and although I always look forward to Wednesday night because it’s my favorite class, I thought that wearing a tiara ensemble would give me the boost I needed to make it through my third hour of working out.

So last night I wore the socks to class, and I put the tiara on as I started my playlist. Oh sure, it got a few nervous chuckles. After all, how many group fitness instructors do you know who can get over any kind of ego they have and put a sparkly tiara on their head for an entire sweaty hour of fun? (I’m the only one I know personally)

And I looked good.

After a while, we all forgot I was wearing it as we got down to the business of exercise. We were all hootin’ and hollerin’ like we always do, and the tiara took a back seat.

That is, until I realized that I was spinning stronger than I had in ages. It wasn’t how it should have been: I did a legs class at 8:30 in the morning and then taught a spin class. My legs should have been completely wiped out for the Wednesday 5:30 p.m. class…but they weren’t, for some reason. (Not to mention my tendonitis, which still gives me little fits when I stand on the bike)

I credit the tiara.

I suggested to everybody in class that they all get one before next week, but somehow I don’t think that will happen.

In case you need a little proof, I’m sure Deanna will come around reading this in the next day or two and she will indeed testify that I was the tiara-wearing Spin Princess for that entire hour. I also took a photo after class for your perusal:

(My ego prevents me from showing you more than the top of my head adorned by the tiara, with the spin bikes in the background.)

So, to summarize,


If you do your next workout wearing a tiara, be sure and let me know how it goes!

*In case you’re wondering, I have not (yet) made a list of the first 40 reasons for wearing a tiara. But don’t be surprised if I do, eventually!