As some of you may know by now, I have always been…ahem…*drawn* to foreigners. I sought out the German girl in my 5th grade class, I kept in touch with many pen pals from all over the world, I participated in an International Exchange program over two summers, and even now I find that some of my best blogging buddies are people like my evil German twin Kat, the Aussie who could be my much much much younger sister Katie, my Scottish gal pal Siobhan, and even the cool chicks from the Great White North, Huckdoll and Kelly. In addition to all of this, I am quite the sentimental person which means that I usually work pretty hard at keeping in touch with folks in general.

Knowing all of that, check out this conversation that occurred in the car on the way home from Boy Scouts tonight.

*Note: Our troop has been lucky enough to have a foreign exchange student this year…and from Kat’s town, no less! He is leaving to return to Germany at the end of next month.

Me: I really, really hope you keep in touch with S.

Fifteen-year-old: Yeah, uh, I probably won’t.

Me: What? What a shame that would be! You know, if we do end up going to Munich in 2010, we could visit him for a day and he could show us around his favorite places.

F-Y-O: Nah. He doesn’t go to my school and I only see him at Scouts.

Me: (sad) Oh.