In what will no doubt be my last pop culture post for at least a few days because I am starting to aggravate even myself, I wanted to call your attention to something that blew me away this week. One of my favorite ’80s bands is Journey. “Faithfully” is my and Jim’s “song” (corny geeks, I know, but we like it) and my all-time favorite, but I love their other stuff, too.

Now, I don’t go around walking the dog with “Any Way You Want It” blasting through my iPod headphones, nor do I fold laundry while listening to “Open Arms”, but I get the warm fuzzies whenever I do hear one of their songs nonetheless.

When I heard way back when that Steve Perry was no longer singing with Journey I thought, “Oh well. No Journey concerts in my future.” Then, more recently, I was intrigued to find out that their new lead singer, Arnel Pineda, was discovered on Youtube. (Wasn’t Andy Samberg of “Saturday Night Live” also discovered on Youtube? A-ha, after researching for a minute, I found out that is true. Read it here.) To read about how Pineda’s (Okay, and Journey’s) good fortune happened according to Neal Schon, click here.

And if you’re a Journey fan* (past or present tense), I dare you to watch this and say that you would not go to see them in concert this year.

*If you’re not a fan, go easy on me… LOL