We attended our second Ballroom Dancing lesson last night. To get yourself up to speed on the first week’s “disastrous” lesson, click here.

I am happy to report that Week 2 went way, way better than Week 1. I was not looking forward to it in the least, because I was anxiety-ridden about who I was going to have to dance with, but I got into the car nonetheless, without Jim having to drag me by my hair. Jim ended up getting the bad cold I’ve had, so on the way there we schemed to not switch partners, you know, to keep everyone else healthy. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

We arrived 30 minutes before class time, as instructed, to participate in the review of last week’s merengue. Our instructor’s assistant did the review, and I have to say that it was very enjoyable, because she didn’t mention switching partners at all. One thing really got on my nerves, though: she could not start the class on the beat of the music to save her life. For some people, this may not be–and probably isn’t–an issue. However, for me, an aerobics junkie who even cues parts of spin sprints (on the bike) on the eight-count, I was going insane. What was she thinking? This was no way to teach dance: OFF BEAT! Ugh.

But I liked everything else about her so I smoothed the hair on the back of my neck back down and kept dancing. She taught us a really cool hold called a Hammerlock, which I won’t even begin to describe but it was thrilling because it felt like real dancing. Overall, I really, really like the merengue but we only learned a sequence consisting of six 8-count sets. Again, going back to my love of aerobics, this was not enough for me. I could have added on more and more steps and had quite the routine by the end of the hour. A-ha, but it’s not all about me, is it? By the way, Jim is doing great. In fact, here we are, displaying our mad skills with the merengue:

At class time our regular instructor came in, said hello, and got us started right away on the waltz. Much to our (mine and Jim’s) surprise, she said, “I know some of you have expressed that you don’t want to switch partners, so if you don’t want to, you and your partner will need to get at either end of the line so it’s not confusing to those who are switching.”

What? What kind of losers don’t want to switch partners? Oh yeah, us. But it was great that we didn’t even have to say anything on our own: apparently some of the other couples had even more of a problem with it than we did. Hurray!

People shuffled around a bit, and she started teaching us the waltz which, as you probably already know, is a very slow dance. But it is more complicated than the merengue! (to us, anyway) We did okay, but will have to practice to get this one down. It was still really fun. At a certain point in the class, the teacher said, “Okay, those of you who are switching, SWITCH!”

And then a beautiful thing happened. Nobody switched. I got a little teary-eyed about the solidarity we were all displaying, and then as we all laughed, the instructor felt the need to lecture us on why we were making a mistake by staying with one person. She said that when you switch partners you learn the dances faster (I would agree she’s probably right) because any bad habits that you have get worked out with all the different partners instead of stagnating and getting worse with who you stick with. She ended her lecture in a slightly catty way by saying, “So if you just want to learn the dances slower and stick with your bad habits, then just stick with your current partner.” You could hear probably ten people say, under their breath, “sounds good!” or something to that effect. It was quite hilarious. And fun.

I’m even a little sad that we’ll miss next week’s lesson. We have a Lacrosse Banquet to attend: maybe there will be dancing! Anyway, Jim and I had a GREAT time during the hour, and waltzed our way to Coldstone Creamery afterwards to complete our Date Night.