As you may remember, I was running a little contest in honor of my day trip to Chicago. To enter, I asked you to tell me about your hometown in the comments or via e-mail. I am so happy I did this: I was fascinated with the information you guys all gave about where you’re from! The deadline was last night at midnight so it’s time to announce the winner, but first I will tell you how I did it.

A couple of you posted more than one comment about your town, and a couple of you posted a comment or two that didn’t talk about your town but commented on the post. One of you posted a comment AND e-mailed me. What I decided to do (It’s MY blog, MY rules: LOL) is count each person who commented at all, one time. In order:

1. Piper
2. Barb
3. Nukedad
4. Michelle
5. Anissa
6. Sue
7. Angie
8. Deanna
9. Kathy
10. Mags
11. Joeprah
12. Dawn
13. Kat
14. Linda

I put the numbers 1-14 in the Random Number Generator at and,

Drum Roll Please…

Our winner is…Joeprah!

Joe: I’ll need your snail mail address (don’t worry; I won’t use it to stalk you) so I can send you your LemonHEADS (not Lemondrops, for goodness sakes!) and the rest of the goodies! If you cannot fulfill your duties as Suburban Scrawl Contest Winner, I will randomly elect a Runner-up Winner to take your place. (But I’m sure you can handle it)

Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm!