I hate when people shorten the name Kathy to Kath, as in “Thanks for stopping in, Kath.” I am fine with almost any other name abbreviation. Don’t ask me why.

I am SUPER excited about Project Runway Season 5. I agree with Tim Gunn: the group of designers selected to compete are the most diverse, ever. (Kelli’s winning dress made out of coffee filters, thumbtacks, and vacuum bags was amazing!)
I can’t wait to see the beautiful creations and tragic trainwrecks that they create in future weeks! Yippeee!

Don’t apply for a job at a high-end salon (or any other place, for that matter) if your voice mail message says “at the tone, leave a message for *insert name here*, that sexy b&*$h.

I heard yesterday that the price of oil went down by $10 per barrel and I felt a little pride about all of this bike riding I’ve been doing.

My legs are tired.

I can’t believe that my kids’ summer vacation is halfway over.

I can’t believe that they are leaving this Sunday for a week of summer camp and, for the first time, Jim is not going for a partial week. (Second honeymooon? ha ha)

I can’t believe that I forgot to blog (after the fact) about the last week in June when ALL THREE OF THEM went away for a week and I was alone for that long for the first time since 1991.

It was amazing.

That’s the week I went to Chicago for the day and did all of that fun stuff!

I have to teach a legs class before work today.

My legs don’t want to.