I never know if you people ever look at my Blogroll, but I do feel responsible for letting you know when I update it. As my list has grown, I have found it more and more difficult to get to all of these blogs on a daily basis, but I am still a regular visitor, don’t you worry! Here’s some 4-1-1 on my latest additions:

OMG! (Oh My Goff!) is written by Angie Goff, who is the traffic anchor for WUSA-9 in Washington D.C., as well as a frequent Scrawl commenter and more recently, a gentle sort of Dream Invader. Angie cracks me up and Twitters constantly. She is a techno-geek and proud of it. She has also been the recipient of a friendly “attack” by Richard Simmons, which she totally welcomed and would get a do-over if she could.

Hope 4 Peyton is written by one of my newest friends. Anissa is the mom of three children, the youngest of which was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in 2006 (and, I learned today, has two more chemo treatments to go before she’s done!!). She writes to vent, to share, and to laugh. She is one of the funniest people I have met through blogging, and she makes me smile. Anissa Twitters even more often than Angie, which is saying alot; I believe she has even Twittered from the bathroom.

Suburban Rage is written by Sarah, who found me here through Hope 4 Peyton. Sarah is just a wee bit younger than me (I bond easily with late 30-somethings and early 40-somethings!) and is just a super nice person. Or she seems that way, anyway. For all I know, she could be a total freak. Just kidding. She’s PROBABLY not. Sarah writes about her life in the Suburbs (duh, hence the name of her blog) in Massachusetts. She does not, however, strike me as a rageful person, so I will have to dig deeper on that and get back to you.

Last but not least, I have added a blog that most of you won’t visit very often, but I LOVE it. It is called Halt den Mund weil ich dich unterbreche and is written by none other than my German Evil Twin, Kat. Kat also writes My Two Cents, but that one is in English! “Halt den Mund…” is in German! Woo hoo! As most of you know, I get giddy about foreigners, and I am certain that I was German in another life. I love to read things that are written in German; it’s a challenge for me because since I took 5 years of German from 1981-1986, I have had no further instruction and only one 4-day trip to Germany since. My speaking and writing skills totally suck; my reading skills are fairly good for someone with no instruction in more than 20 years. Kat’s new blog is fun for me. If you know the German language, it will be fun for you too! If not, then not so much. But visit her there anyway; Kat is awesome.

I think I’ve given you enough to read for today! Now, go get busy!