Just a quickie today; we have a big afternoon planned. Sort of.

Although the boys went away for a week on a Sea Kayaking Trip in Georgia in June and then went to Boy Scout Camp for a week in July, we haven’t done much around here this summer: quite out of character for us. Yesterday we decided to go bowling, and it was really fun, though none of us broke 100 in any of the 3 games we played. (Oh well!)

For your enjoyment, here is my sixteen-year-old dressed in his tuxedo t-shirt, blue gym shorts, and those ugly fluorescent Cosmic Bowling shoes. I couldn’t resist a photo:

The thirteen-year-old, the best bowler out of the three of us (he has also been to a bowling party or two in the last year: he’s had more practice!), wasn’t quite so “dressed up”:

And finally, the shoes. Gawd-awful shoes. Since we were not there for Cosmic Bowling and all of the lights were on, we all looked a little like clowns.

I think I will blame the ugliness of the shoes on our poor scores.

This afternoon? The boys turned down my offers to take them out to a place or two and instead decided that we will hunker down with popcorn and Sour Patch Kids to watch one of my all-time favorite movies, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. Really. THEY chose it. My kids are awesome, and totally know Quality Cinema when they see it. Woo hoo!