I am horrified that I haven’t updated this blog since Sunday. I am also surprised that I haven’t been worried about it all week. But still horrified.

Teaching 7-8 assorted group fitness classes each week + riding my bike 25-40 miles per week on top of that is both extremely time consuming as well as physically and mentally exhausting. I have at least 6 more weeks of the class situation. I’m a hundred times more tired than I am now, just thinking about it. I’m getting sick of my music. I need to make some new spinning playlists. But I do like the increase in my paycheck.

Although I know that exercise is good and everyone should do it no matter what their size or genetic makeup because of the health benefits and blah blah blah, I find myself very jealous of the naturally slim women who don’t take the time to exercise, because they have all those hours to do other things.

Deanna brought me a box of Caramel Apple Sugar Babies to spin class last night. They are Hella-good. We had a few before class (yummy!) and the sugar high was responsible for my hyperactivity during at least the first 20 minutes of class.

My kids start school on the 25th. I am very happy about that. They are not “bothering” me and it’s been a nice summer, but I thrive on routine, sadly enough. I like the “get up at a set time, eat breakfast, go to school” routine for them AND for me.

I have not written nearly enough this summer. I’ve got to set some lofty goals for myself if I’m going to continue to teach classes at this pace.

Was THRILLED to connect with a high school friend on Facebook last night. Our last conversation was about 18 months ago and we chatted online for a few minutes yesterday. Back in the day, (1984) my group of friends was going to form a girl band called New Oktober, and of course, I was going to manage them. We planned on being the female (and American) Duran Duran. (EDITED: I was going to “manage” the band because I had absolutely NO musical talent.)

I need a gift idea for my BFF who is hitting the big 4-0 in October, one month ahead of me. Thank goodness this BFF doesn’t read my blog; leave your ideas in the comment section or e-mail me. (wait, WHY doesn’t this BFF read my blog? LOL)

Olympic commentators: do you think they are buzzkills in real life too? I do. “This just might be the best turkey Grandma has ever made for Thanksgiving! Oh, no it’s not…wait a minute. She didn’t add enough sage to the stuffing…that’s a 2-hug deduction…”

Gasoline is down to $3.89 here. Amazing that we talk like it’s a bargain.

I would rather poke my eyes out with a stick than go to work today. Okay, not really. That was a little dramatic.