We made a gruesome discovery while at the mall today. Our Dippin Dots mall kiosk has closed down! It’s empty! Deserted! Gone! Gone! Goooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnne!!!!

It’s a sad day for the sixteen-year-old. Dippin’ Dots and this teen go together like peanut butter and jelly. From the very first taste, he was hooked. Every time we go to the mall, he asks if we can buy them. Most of the time I tell him “no”, because they are pretty expensive compared to other mall treats (in my opinion). However, we go to the mall very, very rarely (maybe three or four times a year? no joke.) so I usually end up changing my mind and giving in if it’s in the budget.

Today was no different: he asked if, while shopping for school clothing, we could pick up some Dots. I said, “We’re going to the Kane County Cougars game tomorrow and we always get them there…why not wait?”

His “logical” answer?

“They’re expensive at the game.” (Sounds good so far, right? Just wait.)

I replied, “So we’ll get them today and not tomorrow?”

“Uhh…no. I still want them tomorrow at the game. Okay; never mind for today. Wait, no, I’LL pay for them today and you can pay for them tomorrow.”


Then, as we walked out of JCPenney into the mall, we started to pick up speed on the way to Dippin’ Dots and then stopped short. We couldn’t believe our eyes. The kiosk, usually all welcoming and colorful, was just an empty, white shell of its former self. The sixteen-year-old yelled, “Noooooooo!” and headed over to get a closer look. I don’t know why…maybe he thought that everything was hiding behind the counter where we couldn’t see?

He was suddenly forlorn as he silently leaned on the counter:

It all started to sink in…

It’s not THAT bad, really. Dippin’ Dots is still in business and I have no doubt that we will enjoy them tomorrow at the baseball game. This mall tradition however, just like Orange Julius in every mall everywhere, seems to have gone by the wayside.

In happier times:

Goodbye mall Dippin’ Dots! We’ll miss you!