I’m not going to do too much of a lead-in on this one because I think it speaks for itself. This is a “Live Chat” between me and Jesse from Home Depot’s website. At first I was picturing Jesse to look exactly like John Stamos, but I am confident that you will notice the exact point where that mental image slowly faded away into something way less attractive. Enjoy!

Jesse: Welcome to Home Depot. I am a Major Appliance Product Specialist. How may I assist you today?

Melisa: Hi there. I just sent an appliance repair person away because she told me it is going to cost $300 to repair my 2-year old Whirlpool dryer that I paid about $399 for. I am researching other brands and want to stay as close to the range of $375-475 as I can. She told me to stay away from maytag, but that only leaves me with GE. Can you provide any assistance?

Jesse: I’ll be happy to help you!

Melisa: Also, I have a sort of unique issue in that the place where the power cord connects to the back of the dryer MUST be towards the top. Our laundry room is in the basement and the outlet is above head level.

Jesse: There are other brands besides GE and Maytag.

Melisa: I guess I just want to make sure that I get something dependable with a recognizable brand.

Jesse: LG is also a good brand.

Melisa: It’s a little out of my price range, though.

Jesse: I see.


Jesse: What’s your price range?


Jesse: $375-475?

Melisa: Yes.

Jesse: We only have GE and Maytag in that price range.

Melisa: Right. I can see that by looking at the website.


Melisa: Okay, well, thanks. I guess I can pretty much handle it from here.

Jesse: You’re welcome.

Jesse: Was there anything else I could do to assist you today?

Melisa: No, I think you’ve given all you can give. Thanks.

Jesse: Thank you for shopping with Home Depot! Please close the chat window by clicking on the gray close button in the upper right corner of your chat window. Please take a few moments to complete our customer survey. Have a wonderful day!