Some women go ga-ga over babies, long after their youngest is making his own breakfast or tying her own shoes. One visit to a friend who just had a baby and these women are gone; just smelling those little bundles of joy sometimes seems to wipe out any memories of the hours of “discomfort” during labor or the sleepless nights or the crying at the drop of the hat (baby AND mom). Often women will come home from a visit with a new baby and that familiar feeling of wanting another one–to start fresh–is so overpowering.

Not me.


When I hear that a friend is pregnant, “Good for her!” I shout from the rooftops. “Better her than me!”

It’s not that I don’t love children. Well, I love MY children. I have enjoyed seeing them grow and go through their little stages up to this point, and I look forward to what’s upcoming. You couldn’t pay me any sum of money, however, to start over again.

Show me a puppy, though, and I’m gone. For me, a visit with a new puppy seems to wipe out any memories of housetraining, night whines, and destroyed household items. After a visit with a new puppy, that familiar feeling of wanting another one–to start fresh–is so overpowering.

A friend brought her Pointer puppy to the gym today. She put this little black and white furry bundle on the floor of the aerobic studio at my urging and we all laughed as she ran around with the awkwardness of a baby deer who is all legs and scrawny body.

The dog ran up to me (of course!) and I got down on the floor with her, cuddling her, petting her, and letting her gnaw on my shoelaces. I could have done that for the whole hour instead of teach class, but unfortunately the class would have had a problem with that so we had to part ways.

Although I have quite the dog, I was swooning over this puppy; that’s why I had to dig out these photos of young Roxie: to remind me.

I feel much better now. Enjoy this look back!

“Toy” beagle? You decide. Roxie at about 9 weeks old, June 2004

With the younger boy at age 9

With the older boy at age 12 (just shy of, actually)

Playing with our friends’ dog. Roxie still does this when playing with Jim. She thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips.

All Cuddly