I do. But I don’t just want a Clean House (and believe me, if you are familiar with that show–one of my faves–you can rest assured that my house does not have nearly enough clutter to qualify, thank goodness), but I want a Cleaner-looking Blog. The look of my blog has been bothering me for a while and, though I’m not yet ready to put on my construction hat tiara and renovate completely, I have made a couple of fun (for me) changes.

Rather than keep my basic blogroll and lovely awards that have been bestowed upon this page, I have packed them up and moved them to another page. You can easily get to it without the use of a GPS by clicking the picture of the adorable pink, fuzzy tiara down there to the right. What I like about this is that I have adjusted the settings on the blogroll so that I can use it like a Reader, because I’m too lazy to use a Reader. I anticipate it will save me alot of time, which is good, because time after time, time is money, time flies when you’re having fun, and if I could save time in a bottle, well you get the idea.

Wait, there’s one more time reference that I couldn’t resist. Click it.

I have also added, just below that button/portal to my other page, the new Blogger “follower” feature. If you have a blogger account and would like to be recognized as a follower of Suburban Scrawl (I hate that term “follower” in terms of my blog: it’s so cultish!), click it. What the heck. We can form our own little Suburban Scrawl cult community and maybe get together for the holidays.

I’m probably not yet done rearranging and I have big renovation plans for sometime in the future, but I’m definitely happy with a less busy-looking page for now.

By the way, if you don’t watch Clean House, or even if you do, click the video to enjoy a “Clean House Hijinx” reel posted to Youtube by Matt Iseman, Clean House’s Go-to Guy. It’s hilarious!