I am approaching the end of two weeks straight without any day off at home to catch up on anything; today at 4 my life opens up again for a day or two (yippee!); thought I’d clue you in to a few things on my mind.

1. I just watched the Finale of “Project Runway” (I DVRed it last night) early this morning. Although I liked Leeanne alot, I am sooooo disappointed that Korto didn’t win. Nina Garcia hit the nail on the head (at least I think it was Nina who said it) when she said that Korto’s collection was “effortlessly cohesive”. And it was gorgeous. I’m sure that Korto is going to make it big anyway; she’s awesome.

2. Last night I rushed from the health club where I taught my normal Wednesday 5:30 p.m. spin class (Go Wednesday!) which is in another suburb northeast of where I live, all the way to the high school, which is southwest of where I live, to catch the 13-year-old in a multi-middle school + high school band concert. I was highly annoyed that I had traffic, difficulty parking, and other drivers in the lot who wouldn’t stop to let me cross. I ran into the school like a maniac and arrived inside the auditorium as my own kid’s band was literally on the last line of their music. Of course they were the first group to go. Didn’t anyone tell them I’d have all these problems getting there for it? I mean, who’s in charge?

3. I am dreading going to work today. The drama of yesterday still echoes in my head and I say NO MORE DRAMA!

4. I finished my article right on deadline yesterday, and have to begin another this weekend, due November 1. It has to do with menopause products. I am excited for the challenge because it will be different from anything I’ve written for this magazine, but…

5. I am going through some internal torment. My big birthday is coming up and although I thought I’d never have any feelings about it either way, I think I do. I’m not approaching it with the normal feelings, dread, fear, or denial. As usual I have to be different and I discovered that I’m just pissed. How is it possible that I could be turning 40? It seems like just yesterday when I was a kid and looking ahead to the year 2000 in fascination, marveling that I’d turn 32 that year and how cool that would be. I’m ticked off because although 40 is the new 30 (or whatever people are saying), mentally I am firmly nestled in my late 20’s to early 30’s, tops. Should I begin counting backwards this year? I don’t know. I’m ticked.

6. My computer area, once so sparkling clean, is a pig sty again. One more thing to add to my list.

7. I have really been enjoying edamame lately.

8. I wish US Cellular had better phone choices.

9. My neighbors, who did buy the house after the previous owners went through foreclosure, are completely transforming it. The money they are pouring into it is unbelievable. I’m jealous. But the house looks tremendous, so that’s probably good for me and my house in some weird way, right?

10. The tragic helicopter crash that Ann Curry is talking about this morning on the Today Show? Five minutes from my house. Sadness for the victims.

11. The 16-year-old left this morning in his dress pants, shirt, and tie. He has a speech to do today. He looked awesome.

12. The 13-year-old is prepping for another guitar. He’s very excited!

13. I’m making steak for dinner. Yum.

14. We are keeping track of our food (again) and watching portions. I have lost 4 pounds. Yippee!

15. I LOVE the song “American Boy” by Estelle, featuring Kanye West. Love it. It puts me in a really good mood. I think I’ll listen to it on “repeat” all the way to work.

16. If I don’t stop blogging and go get dressed, there is sure to be drama at work when I’m late. So…I’m out!