I love my readers: you are all extremely creative! I had a great laugh at your guesses about what I have on my head in this post, but nobody got it except for my girl Danny, who takes my Wednesday spin class and answered on my Facebook page. I have to admit, I was hoping that somebody around my age (A girl. Don’t worry Nukedad, you didn’t disappoint me. 🙂 ) would totally leave a comment like, “Oh yeah! I had one of those hair dryers when I was little!” Didn’t happen. Just call me Grandma.

Although what I have on my head in the photo is not a tiara, it is used for making a head very tiara-ready: it’s a bonnet-style hair dryer! Goofy, I know. I have curlers on underneath that contraption, too.

I remember when I was little, I really liked it when my mom rolled all of my super-fine, straight-as-a-board hair into curlers, and then she’d pull the box that contained this hair dryer out of her bedroom closet. She set it up over my curlers, plugged it in, and then: Beam me up, Scotty!

I found a photo of a similar one in a box when I searched earlier:

Here is a hilarious little clip that I found on YouTube (of course) that shows what this thing is like when it’s on.

Next week I’ll post about the record albums that we used to listen to in the olden days. Or not.