I feel compelled to write a few words about this historical evening. I have feelings of “Did this really happen?” and “Pinch me…really, did it happen?” I am so excited about the possibilities for our country that I am jumping out of my skin. The fact that my favorite city plays a huge part not only as the “adopted city” of Barack Obama but also the stage on which he gave the speech last night when it was all over obviously warms my heart and makes me feel even more proud.

I have to say that whatever people feel about his “readiness” to be the President of the United States, well, everyone has the right to their own opinion (America, remember?). I don’t think that anybody can truly be “ready” unless they’ve done the job before. He will learn the ins and outs in on-the-job training just like his opponent would have. Everyone who believes in him and what he can bring to our country put fear aside and took a leap of faith to get him elected, and I don’t think the result will be disappointing in the least.

Regarding the other exciting part of his election to the office, I am so happy that a majority of our country has become colorblind. I am happy that my kids are witnessing history–although they don’t really realize the depth of it, because their generation is, for the most part, already colorblind.

It’s an exciting time. I’m proud to be an American.