So I went ahead and listed my lovely (if I do say so myself) phone voice in my birthday post (#34), and fame came a’callin.

Alright, fame’s name is actually Kim Martucci, otherwise known as “Weather Kim”, otherwise known as the meteorologist for WUSA-9 in Washington DC, otherwise known as a frequent Suburban Scrawl visitor.

By the way, don’t confuse Kim with Angie Goff, Traffic Anchor for the same morning news on the same station, you know, the one who put her hand on Julesie‘s cheek in my crazy Gwen Stefani dream and got super close to the other cheeks of Richard Simmons in her broadcast studio:

Kim needed somebody to record her outgoing phone message. I’m not sure why; Kim has quite the lovely voice herself. But far be it for me to say no to my public (I hope you’re laughing as hard as I am about the idea of me having a “public”), so Kim and I negotiated…and negotiated…and after oh, about 30 seconds, we agreed on a non-monetary form of compensation: mutual blog posts about the recording.

She sent me her phone number (jealous? ha ha: I can’t give it to you; it’s a secret!) (#39) and the password, and because of the fact that I’m smart (#12), I wove my way through the automated system and was able to record the message I wrote for her (#13 & #14). Wanna hear it? Check out Kim’s blog post, here.

For the record, I am now not so positive that I have a lovely phone voice; I could be wrong (#23). But I did my best (#21), and told Kim that she can obviously feel free (#38) to record over me if I don’t live up to the expectations I put out there. It was still a fun couple of minutes for me, and really, though a little muffled-sounding, I thought my message was quite adorable. (#37)