I want to shout out a big “Hello, how ya doin?” to my visitors from In A Martucci Minute! If you’re looking for the meat-touching post, it’s the next one down…or you can just click here.

For my own regular readers, I have to tell you the story of what happened yesterday (you can read Kim’s version by clicking that first link up there!). I had just come home from yelling at that angry, meat-touching woman and was sitting at the computer, starting to blog about it, when I heard from Kim:

“I am toying around with the idea of wearing LEG WARMERS on tv tomorrow (!) Melissa (She has since–on her own–corrected the spelling of my name. And I didn’t even have to yell at her about it.), my dear friend, we’re the same generation… I can’t find my Flash Dance album, but I see that this is kind of trendy again and at the fashion show fundraiser i went to Saturday, the trendy girls were pulling it off. I am only asking you — SHOULD I DO IT???”

Of course, this was truly a cry for help, but in a good way. As you may remember, I helped Kim out recently by using my nice phone voice to record her outgoing voice mail message. And she had me at “we’re the same generation”, so I had to help a sista out. I put my meat-touching post on hold for a bit to answer her:

“Okay, first I need to know the COLOR of the leg warmers. If we’re talking teal or purple then I’m gonna have to vote N-O!!!!!”

Shortly after I hit “send”, I got the reply:

“Oh good, you’re home! Okay, I want so badly to wear them, but I want them to be as subtle as possible. That is why they are BLACK. Originally, I was going to wear them over my heels paired with last week’s You Vote I wear loser: Juicy Couture Dress (black velvet dress.) My legs were going to be the stand out color -persimmon-ish tights with black leg warmers at the bottom. I like this, but am too worried about all the leg warmer attention. So I am thinking about wearing grey tights with the black leg warners at the bottom. This way you will see them but not really SEE them… maybe even some people will think they are boots… How lame that I am going outta my way to tone them down… REAL (no-tv KIM) wouldn’t care what other people thought… but I kind of have to for my job.”

Do you see what these tv personalities have to deal with, people? Theirs is a life of constantly worrying about how they are presenting themselves. I just want to throw out this open invitation to Kim as well as my favorite Washington DC Traffic Anchor (Angie “OMG” Goff) that you two are welcome in Chi-town anytime, wearing whatever the heck you want to wear. NO MAKEUP, even! And then we’ll go to Texas de Brazil and have some meat on a sword!

Anyway, I shot an e-mail back immediately and asked Kim to call me so we could have a little consult. We had a lovely discussion about leg warmers and other topics, and we decided that she should indeed give the leg warmers a shot: I suggested that she even point them out during the little segment that she and her news team do where they just chat about “whatever”, at which point Kim said (and I think these are her exact words), “I will! And if I go down, I’m dragging you right down with me!” So there it is. I think we’ll be friends for life.

So, since I’m taking on more titles, I thought I should make a new business card. What do you think? (Click it so you can read it)

In a moment of shameless self-promotion, I have to tell the WUSA-9 visitors that last year, I published a children’s book about pet loss called Remembering Ruby. Check it out here.

Also, I thought I’d throw in a couple of my favorite posts from this past week, from only a couple of the many blogs I stalk…just so it sort of looks like I’m not ONLY into self-promotion. (But hey, My blog.)

My sister put up a great post spotlighting a young child who wrote a–ahem–thought-provoking paper about the Obama win.

My Buddy Nukedad posted a whole mess-o-hilarity about how Dodgeball almost killed him. Or something like that. In three parts! (the posts, not the Nukedad) Part one is here. Part two, here. Part three, here.

Read them ONLY if you enjoy laughing. Thanks for stopping in!