And unlike a Botox-injecting celebrity, I *do* want you to notice! How’s it look?

For the last few months, I have been absolutely dying to renovate this blog (mainly the background, because the shade of blue I had on here was driving me crazy), especially since I’ve seen some great makeovers on some of your blogs, like this one, this one, and this one. The problem? I had to work with my header, which I definitely wanted to keep because I think it’s absolutely perfect. And then it became a perfect problem when figuring out the rest…but I made it through.

I have been laboring away at this new look since Thursday, my only initial partner-in-crime being my not-so-evil German twin, Kat. (Thanks, Kat!) She has the patience of a saint, believe me! We exchanged rapid-fire e-mails for most of the day on Thursday after I sent her the link to my “Practice blog”, where I was nipping and tucking all over the place. Her straightforward, constructive criticism was invaluable to me during this scary process, since I am still a little new at just digging into html coding and making changes all willy-nilly.

By Friday I had to drag my real sister into the mix, to ask for her Photoshop advice since I’m also a novice in that area. With her fabulously worded instructions (i.e. Photoshop in Plain English) as well as her blunt honesty about the green textured background I had posted at that point in the day, I was able to fix that header of mine and frame it all cute and stuff, and then create the lovely cloud background you see here. (Thanks, Julesie!)

So, it’s done! Well, until I can figure out how to move the sidebars out a little further. I will be moving my “Greatest Hits” and “Creative Parenting 101” archive lists to my blogroll page later today or tomorrow, to declutter the look of this page. There will be a link to it on the right, eventually.

Now, on to the next project…