**Just a reminder before we get started here, especially because I have tons of links in this one: I take the time to set up my hotlinks so that when you click them, they open in a different window. You will not be carried away from here; don’t worry! You’re not getting outta here that easy!

I was just tagged by Weaselmomma to do this pretty cool (and different) meme. Although I have a love/hate relationship with memes, I really don’t mind being tagged for them and actually have a little bit of fun doing them (if I haven’t done them before), so I can say that the World of Weasels is safe for today. What you’re supposed to do is pick a post and take the first 10 people who commented. I picked “Oh No, She Didn’t!”, because people really seemed to respond passionately the day that woman fondled my roast and salmon packages at the grocery store. The first ten comments (not counting mine) came from:

1. Julesie
2. Stacey
3. Nukedad
4. Kat
5. Melissa
6. Deanna
7. Don Mills Diva
8. Michelle
9. Momo Fali
10. Colleen

Next, the meme questions: 10 Blogs, 15 Questions.

What is your favorite post from #3’s blog? Oh my goodness. There are so many. And seriously, I keep telling you people this: Nukedad is one of the funniest guys in the universe. If I have to pick one, I’m going with (Sorry, Nukedad! LOL) “Is That A Jolly Rancher I Smell?” Make sure you empty your bladder before you read it.

Has #10 taken any pictures that have moved you? Lots. She’s a great photographer. Let me just link you up to one of them (they’re all awesome). Wait, you know what? Go to her regular blog by all means to read up on Colleen, but here’s a link to her 365 Photo Project.

Does #6 reply to comments on her blog? Yes; she usually posts a return comment. I love when others do that.

Which part of Blogland is #2 from? Stacey lives in Ohio, though her e-mail server used to be in MY suburb here in Illinois according to my sitemeter! That made things a little confusing at first!

If you could give one piece of advice to #7 what would it be? Ooh, I would never just give Don Mills Diva any unsolicited advice; in fact, I e-mailed HER once, to get advice from her!

Have you ever tried something from #9’s blog? Eew. I don’t like this question. Is this restricted to recipes? I don’t recall Momo sharing recipes. In fact, I just searched her blog for “recipes”, and it came up empty. She recently posted about her favorite things (yes, sort of like Oprah but without actually giving anything away. But I still love her) and one of the things was Matzo Brei, which I have tried. Does that count?

Has #1 blogged something that inspired you? My sister often posts inspiring stuff. I guess one of my favorites (that benefited me, of course!) was this one, about her big balls.

How often do you comment on #4’s blog? Yikes. Probably on about 95% of her posts!

Do you wait excitedly for #8 to post? Yes, I love Michelle. Though I’m no stalker (no worries, Michelle!), I always read her stuff as soon as it’s posted. She has taught me what to do when Lacrosse season starts, to stay warm. She’s awesome! (and we share some of the same food-touching issues)

How has #5’s blog changed your life? Melissa’s blog was one of the first blogs I followed on a regular basis, and one of the things I really like about it is that she (my internet sista) has many health challenges–more than anyone should have to deal with, really–but she hangs on to her sense of humor the majority of the time and is really graceful about all of these so-called “wrenches” that get thrown into the mix. She’s a great person, and I’m blessed to know her.

Do you know any of your 10 bloggers in person? Well, I’ve known Julesie since the day she came out of our momma’s womb. I knew Deanna before blogging, from the health club. I have met Melissa and Michelle once (and I know, I know, Melissa, I didn’t “feed you”. LOL) but that’s it!

Do any of your 10 know each other? Other than Melissa and Michelle meeting that day at the Cheesecake Factory, nope.

Out of the 10, which updates more frequently? Wow, that’s tough. I’d estimate a four-way tie between Stacey, Colleen, Melissa, and Michelle.

Which of the 10 keep you laughing? My sister for sure. Also Kat, partly because she finds some of the funniest video clips in existence (Like this one that you have to click on, about a guy named Ken Lee), and totally Nukedad. (That sounds like a good sitcom name: “Totally Nukedad!”)

Which of the 10 made you cry (good or bad) tears? Nukedad did a beautiful post about his father once that was such a wonderful tribute. Besides being touching, it showed all of us, his readers, what a talented writer he really is: to be able to be so funny on a regular basis and then, just for one day, to step away from the funny and write such a loving tribute to his dad, it was amazing.

So there you go! If you are listed, consider yourself tagged. I know that Weaselmomma actually tagged Nukedad, Michelle, and Melissa already so you guys are in luck because you get double imaginary extra credit points if you do it (Melissa did already)! Have fun!