It’s been quite the stressful day. The high school that the 16-year-old attends was on lockdown from first period (about 7:25 a.m.-ish) until about 12:45 p.m. Apparently a student saw another student in a bathroom, doing what looked like loading a gun, so he did the right thing and reported it, causing the lockdown, subsequent flooding of the area by police, and the drama that has gone on for most of the high school day.

First, thank GOD for cell phones. We stayed in touch with our son the whole time. He was in his English class (a room with no outside windows) for the duration, with the lights off. He brought his iPod to school today (sneaky, Cheeky Monkey: but I’m glad) so he was listening to that, and the students were allowed to talk quietly.

A few texts in, I felt compelled to text him that I love him. I wrestled with the idea for a few minutes, not because we don’t say it in our house, but I didn’t want him to worry about what was going to happen even more than he already was. In the end I sent that text, and I got one back. I felt better.

He was in class with his best friend, which made me feel better too.

I kept up with newspaper updates via Twitter. I’m loving technology today. At one point I texted him “What up, Dog?” and he texted me back that everything was still fine but he was getting frustrated; he couldn’t focus on homework because he had to use the bathroom really badly. That was something that I didn’t even think of: all those poor kids stuck in their classrooms for five hours with no bathroom privileges. Ouch. (Safety first, I know. But still…ouch)

A little while after that text, I got up from the desk at the salon and went to the bathroom, and then remembered that he couldn’t go and I felt bad immediately. Of course there is no point in my not using the bathroom just because my kid couldn’t, but I still felt guilty.

After a hella-long morning, the lockdown was finally lifted when the entire school had been searched by the police and the K-9 Unit, and the weapon they found was a “look-alike” weapon: an air gun.

What I want to know is, what is this world coming to? What are we going to have to do to keep our kids safe? What kind of consequences do we have to set down on these kids who are causing havoc and drama to a school full of thousands of kids? This is becoming more common everyday, and I don’t see any progress that will help turn this around.

I know that we were lucky today. Other schools haven’t been so lucky. I can’t wait til school is out so I can hug my kid.