I just came back in the house after shoveling our driveway with Jim and the older boy. (The younger one, upon hearing the magic words from me–“Snow Day!”–did not deem it appropriate to get up anyway–at 6:00–to help shovel. Oh well, they’re only young once.) Although it didn’t take very long (30 minutes?), the snow was the total opposite of yesterday’s light and fluffy, pushable whiteness. It’s not nearly the heaviest snow I’ve ever dealt with, but it was heavy.

And pretty. It looked like and had the consistency of granulated sugar, hence my title. (sorry folks, no recipe today!) It was so…lovely!

And then, halfway to being done, lightening and thunder crackled over our heads and it started to pour down freezing rain. We picked up the pace, knowing that the snow would get heavier by the minute. And then we finished. Ahhhh.

We were lucky in our parts. I estimate that the actual snowfall here was only between 2-3 inches of that heavy stuff. Still no school; the roads must be terrible. Up in Melissa‘s, Sarah‘s, and Michelle‘s neck-o-the-woods, I think they got alot more than we did.

I’m a little ticked, though. I was hoping for the ten inches they were forecasting to hit my area. I really wanted to snowshoe today! Maybe next week. A girl can dream, right?

P.S. This lame-o post is not the last you’ll see of me today. I’ll try to be more entertaining later on.