I want to wish a Happy 22nd Anniversary* to my husband and best friend!

Words can’t express how much I love you but I wanted to tell you (and I will, don’t worry…you won’t have to just read it here on my blog!) how much I appreciate you and thank my lucky stars that we not only got together (after much stalking on my behalf), but STAYED together after all these years. I am proud to tell people that we have the special kind of relationship that beats the odds, especially the slim chances that young marrieds (as we were, at just-turned-eighteen and almost-twenty) have.

One of my fave photos EVER.
Jim & Melisa, Spring 1985. Between classes in the hallway of FHS. Photo by Julie Sudman**.
Jim was 18, I was 16 1/2: the current age of our older son. UGH!

Through thick and thin, sickness and health, richer and poorer, in good times and in bad, I am yours forever, faithfully.

Melisa & Jim, December 29 1986. This is the *only* photo of the two of us on our actual wedding day. And yes, I’m reading “Teen” magazine.

*Katie: When you comment on this post, I had better not see a mention of how you were BORN in 1986 and how “funny” it is that Jim and I have been married as long as you’ve been alive! I’ve already thought of that for you! (Just “best wishes” would be lovely. LOL)

**Julie was one of my classmates: she took it for her Photography class! Julie: if you google yourself and find this, drop me a line!*.