With the holiday season being so crazed and New Year’s Eve coming up tomorrow, I’m thinking that some of you may not have finalized your menu. And by “menu”, I mean alcohol. Need help? I suggest being totally random and choosing your drinks by what’s on the label. The liquor store is full of thousands of funny, gorgeous, witty, and strange labels that just happen to be attached to bottles of alcohol. I took the liberty of capturing some of them for you on my trip to the store with Weaselmomma a couple weeks ago.

For the football lover (and Chicago Bears Nostalgia geek), you can get Mike Ditka’s Kick Ass Red wine. “Only” 40 bucks. I think you have to speak with a Chi-cah-go accent when you drink it, too.

Chocolate AND wine, in the same bottle? It’s got to be too good to be true! Hopefully it tastes better than it looks.

Of course, you can always offer your guests the “House Wine”…

I adore this Pink Truck label. And it matches what’s inside! It’s a girly wine!

“Smoking Loon” is a great gift. I have no idea how it tastes, but it’s great to give to someone you know who is a heavy smoker and is also a little nutty. I’ve done it. And she laughed.

If you want to go all “Renaissance Faire”, I suggest purchasing this bottle of Mead.

I wonder if, when you drink this brand of sake’, you can write better poetry.

Drambuie? Ick. I only took a photo of it so I could relate my story to you of how, at 15 years old and spending the night at my friend’s house, we snuck a taste of some Drambuie late at night. It was my first taste of alcohol. It sucked. I spit it out and stayed totally clear of liquor until I met Bartles and Jaymes in Freshman year of college.

If you’re doing the Perfect Cheer with a good friend on NYE like I will be, I suggest “Woop Woop” wine. Sounds fun.

There’s always Beer Pong…did you know you can get college-themed Beer Pong balls? Only $5.99!!

Of course, you can’t go wrong with Maker’s Mark, especially a patriotically themed bottle. Isn’t it pretty?

I couldn’t leave out the Chosen Beer…

Of course, you know what I’ll be drinking:

What are YOUR plans for New Year’s Eve?