What with all the talk about New Year’s Resolutions and all (I don’t really make them; they’re too easy to break!), I have indeed *refocused* myself for this upcoming year of working out and attempting to eat a little better.

On the way home from my first workout of 2009 this morning, I thought to myself, “I wonder if there’s anyone out there in my little bloggie community who might want to come together and support each other’s healthy goals for the upcoming year?”

To that end (now *that* sounds official, doesn’t it?), I have opened up the door on another blogsite. This one won’t be for anyone’s eyes except for those who participate. The site will have four main purposes:

1. To be a place to log workouts
2. To put up assorted goal-oriented posts
3. To help hold each other accountable
4. To share success in a group dynamic

I think it would be really cool to post our initial goals, whatever they are: weight loss, fat percentage loss, decrease in clothing size or inches, better eating, lower cholesterol…whatever. I look forward to encouraging some of you, and I hope to gain inspiration from others as well!

Check out what I’m thinking, HERE, and either leave me a comment (with your e-mail address if I don’t already have it) if you’re interested in participating or e-mail me directly (see the link, to the left).

I will make this “Goal Getters 2009” blog (working title!) private after Monday or Tuesday, so only the participating blog authors will have access to it.


Join me!

P.S. If you don’t blog on blogger, you can still participate just by registering with Blogger…come on: do it!