Now that it’s 2009 and you’ve turned over a new leaf (or whatever), are you feeling the urge to reach out and help others? I’ve got two opportunities for you right here, and they require very little effort!

First, my buddy Mags from Ms. Maggie Moo Talks 2 U has opened an etsy shop to sell some yummy goodies!* Mags is not only a CHEF, which–to me–makes her quite qualified to open up shop like this, but she is also lost her job a couple of weeks ago, and every purchase you make will help her out. In checking out her shop I noticed that there is only a shipping charge for the first item and none on the second or third, which is pretty cool. Go check out her etsy shop here! Need some convincing? Here you go:

What are you waiting for??? Get going!!!

Second, my other buddy Manic Mommy is having her second annual Blood Drive. This year, she’s even giving away a trip to Florida (in addition to other prizes)! All you have to do to enter is donate blood (and have someone take a photo of you doing it). Send your photo and info to Manic by 2/28/09, and you’re entered! Do it! (I’m going to!) Donating blood saves up to THREE LIVES AT A TIME (five babies!). If you cannot donate blood for whatever reason but still want to help, Manic is accepting donations to give out as prizes; contact her to donate

Let’s get going and help some people out!

*I realize that this announcement will make a certain few of you shriek and run into the corner, as we’ve started watching our diet and all that jazz…but you can always order for someone else! OR, Mags is also selling some delightful-looking salt blends that you can use when cooking.