I nearly forgot all about the fact that I wanted to post about this, and since I’m sitting here and it came to mind I thought I’d better just do it really quickly.

First, I have to give my apologies to the gentlemen who read my blog: Nukedad, Tom, OhCaptain, Jim, and any others out there…gosh, I’m sorry about this. It won’t happen again anytime soon, I promise. You might just want to hop over to Momo’s or Mrs4444’s or *anybody else’s* place right now.

Consider yourselves warned.

I was flipping through my February issue of Redbook magazine a couple of days ago when I saw a little picture at the bottom of page 36 that caught my eye. And then I read the information next to it and saw what it was. It has to do with your monthly visitor, “Aunt Flo”.

The only thing I need to write before I put up the link is the first sentence of this little blurb in the magazine:

“Your standard maxi pad might last five hours–but now you can get a pad that’ll last you five years!”

Grossly intrigued? Click this, and don’t forget to enlarge the photo.

Gives a whole new dimension to the expression “on the rag”, doesn’t it?

P.S. Nukedad, if you’ve stomached this whole post, congrats. And I’m still waiting for that post at your place about prostate exams. (hee hee)

P.P.S. For the record, the last sentence in the Redbook blurb is: “We’re all for going green, but this idea strikes us as a little, um, yucky.” Thank goodness I’m not totally nuts.