I had a good laugh this morning, seriously. I checked my Sitemeter as I often do, to see who’s been reading and where people are coming from. On the “referrals” page, I noticed a website I didn’t recognize, so I clicked on it.

It was a blog, one I have never seen nor heard of before. Today’s post was entitled “Worst Blog Post I’ve Ever Read”, and the body of the post said “Don’t ask how I found it.” That’s it. The one sentence linked to this post on my blog.

Seriously? I laughed my badonkadonk off. And then I went to my Facebook page and immediately changed my status to say “Melisa is laughing because another blogger posted that a Scrawl post about M & M’s is the worst he’s EVER seen. He has no idea I’ve written way worse posts than that.”

And it’s true. Like my very first post. THAT sucked. Or this one. BO-ring.

I clicked on the “About” section of that blog to learn more about my critic, and it appears that he is a co-writer with a couple of other younguns who enjoy criticizing others and using lots of curse words to make up for their lack of writing skills.

But I digress. I think I’ve had a mental growth spurt. Not too long ago I would have been totally upset about this a$$, putting up a post like that. But I’m not. I could care less.

*cue angelic music*

Wow. It feels good.