Everytime I mention that I’m taking the dog snowshoeing, people are fascinated by the idea of a beagle wearing snowshoes.

Seriously people, I’m the one wearing the snowshoes. To my knowledge, snowshoes for dogs don’t exist*.

Anyway, I wanted to get a workout in today, so I got her ready and we headed out. I decided to document it for posterity (and by “posterity”, I mean “my blog”). Before I show you the first video segment, I need to get a “Holla!” and maybe a “Woot!” or two: between hanging onto the dog who was trying to jerk me in every direction, my snowshoes (before I put them on), my poles, and the camera, I was doing a fabulous, yet very difficult, balancing act all in the name of blogging. Can I get a “What-what”?

Here’s the other segment. Please pay no attention to my huffing and puffing. Workout conditions are hella-hard when you’re snowshoeing, and I was totally out of breath. Sexy, huh?

One more action shot–my fave!–for the road…

Stay warm, everybody!

Though they do make boots for dogs, I don’t have a set for Roxie. Generally I am just careful to not take her out for an extended walk when the temperature is too cold. I know that when dogs exercise, the blood flow warms the pads on their feet.